Thursday, December 25, 2008

Spain 2008 December 1st-Madrid

Brent was finally able to break away from his duties at University of Madrid to play tour guide to Doug & I. After breakfast, Lara dropped us off at the Metro Ligero, and we got to enjoy our second experience with Spanish Public Transportation. We hopped the Metro Ligero back into Madrid. We got off the stop, and immediately I was shown proof that there are nerds world wide with a large advertisement for the Star Wars convention. Unfortunately we spent too much time with silly things like castles and cathedrals and didn't get to attend the convention.

We walked from the Metro station to the Royal Palace and toured the grounds, and then the castle itself. Doug got in trouble with the palace guards for standing on the concrete dots trying to take pictures. It was a beautiful castle, and I enjoyed the artwork, the furniture, the antiques. It was amazing.

After the castle we toured the cathedral, where I found a memorial to a saint with the last name Acosta. Chase, here lies one of your husband's ancestors :)

We then toured the town, with Brent pointing out significant historic spots. We made our way to the main square, and stopped for lunch at the Museo de Jamon or the Museum of ham. We ordered a few plates of assorted cheeses and hams, as well as a few bottles of wine. It was quite an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon.

Afterwards, I did a bit of souvenir shopping, including purchasing myself my very own Spanish cap to match Doug & Brent. Lara, Kelly, Jocelyn and Bryce met us for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe Madrid.

After dinner we wandered through the Christmas lights display, then called it a night and journeyed on the Metro back to Boadilla.

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