Thursday, December 25, 2008

Spain 2008-December 2nd El Escorial & Valley of the Fallen

Kelby, one of Brent's grad students, arrived from the States today to spend a week in Europe backpacking around. Fortunately for him he had a free place in Madrid to stay for a few nights. After Brent got back from the airport with Kelby, we let him have a bit of time to unwind, eat something, and shower, then we headed out to El Escorial, seat of the Spanish Inquisition. We toured the castle there, which is also the burial place of the Spanish Royalty.

We ate lunch at a local restaurant, with Kelby getting his first taste of Spanish beer and Paella. After lunch we drove the 6 miles to Valle de los Caidos or Valley of the Fallen. The Valley of the Fallen is a memorial to the Spaniards who died in the civil war, and to General Franco himself. The memorial is breathtaking, and we enjoyed a brief snowball fight.

We stopped at the grocery store on the way back to the house, where we picked up the ingredients for a tuna steak and grilled vegetable dinner. After dinner we had sombrero fun!!

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