Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Spain 2008-November 26th

Toledo-Home of the swordmakers

Today Lara took Doug and I to Toledo, which is famous for its metalworkers, and also the huge Cathedral they have in town, which surpassed only by Rome for the riches within. The drive was about an hour, and again it was 0 degrees Celsius when we left. We arrived and parked at the train station; the main part of town is very difficult to drive, as the streets are all very narrow and cobblestone. I love being in all of these old towns, with their palaces and stone bridges. It feels like you have stepped back in time. Toledo was an open community, and the architecture is a combination of Jewish, Moorish, and Christian.

The Cathedral was breathtaking, with the stained glass windows, the art by El Greco. We shopped and wandered the streets, then stopped and had lunch in a tapas bar. We were the only tourists inside!!

Toledo is also the setting for the Man of La Mancha, by Don Quixote, and there are signs all over town commemorating his journey.

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