Tuesday, November 13, 2007

To Boldly Go Where All Nerds Have Gone Before

Today I took part in pop culture history. I attended a showing of Star Trek: The Menagerie at the local AMC theatre. This showing is a kick off event for the launch of Star Trek: TOS on HD DVD, coming out this Christmas. Now, I cannot lay claim to being a true Trekkie; I did enjoy the movies in the theater and I will watch reruns occasionally on tv, but I can appreciate the impact the shows have had on society, the advances they made in special effects, and of course, watching a young William Shatner parade around the television or movie screen, in this case. (Although my favorite Star Trek characters were always Spock and Data. I think this will make sense to those who know me). From a technical standpoint, watching this in the theater was amazing. The crew has taken the original film, frame by frame, and remastered it into High Definition. The difference in the quality of the color and picture was amazing, even if the laser beams were still a little cheesy.

The crowd there was quite diverse, and while I didn't get any photographic evidence, there was one person in costume. I thought that strange, I was guessing there would be quite a few more. The funniest thing that happened all evening was at the end of the movie, while waiting for the crowd to thin out, when this woman asked this man, obviously in his mid to late 40s, if he was going to go out afterwards. And he said "of course mom, I have the keys to the car." Hmmm. I guess some of the stereo types do hold out. :)

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