Thursday, November 29, 2007

Seattle Trip

I went to Seattle to visit my aunt & uncle for the Thanksgiving holiday. Seattle was beautiful; the sky was clear the entire weekend, and even though the highs were only in the 40s, it was great weather, and with proper layering, walking around outside was quite pleasant!! The neighborhood they live in is a pedestrian neighborhood, there are tons of restaurants, bars, and shops within a few blocks. Also, there is a lake, a zoo, and a park! On Friday we went whale watching up in Anacortes, about an hour and a half north of Seattle. The water was as calm as glass, and even though we didn't see any whales, we saw lots of other wildlife. Being on the water for a day was good enough! On Saturday we drove up to Snoqualmie pass so my aunt could get some snow pictures for her Christmas cards. It was very cold up there, especially for a desert dweller such as myself, but peaceful, to hear the wind through the trees, with no traffic, and the sound of a running creek. I enjoyed my trip, and look forward to visiting Seattle again soon!!

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