Saturday, May 8, 2010

Zander's First Fishing Trip!! May 2nd, 2010

Matt bought Zander a fishing pole and tackle box for Christmas, and just a mere 4 months later we took him on his first fishing trip. We went to Desert Breeze Park in Chandler, part of the Arizona Game & Fish Urban Fishing program. 

We were running a little late, so Zander was filled with anticipation by the time we got to the park. He came running up as soon as he saw us, huge smile, and proclaiming "Aunt Amber, Uncle Matt, are you going fishing with me?!" And of course, we had bought our licenses and brought poles to fish with Zander.

Matt was very patient, talking Zander through the items in the tackle box, showing him how to tie a knot and bait a hook (but only showing, at 4, Zander is a little young for fish hooks).

Zander did show quite a bit of coordination for a 4 year old, and after a quick  tutorial by Matt, he was soon casting like a pro.

Ron & Meghan were also in attendance, since Zander is still a little young to drive himself.

We were eventually blown out of the lake before we could catch any fish, with wind gusts at over 40mph, but Zander enjoyed himself, and can't wait to go fishing again!!

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