Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday in Dublin-Winding Down

Saturday morning started out eventfully for Danielle and I. I woke up, squinted at the clock on the TV, then noticed it was 8:25am. We were supposed to meet our bus at 8:50 for the Wild Wicklow tour!!! I shouted at Danielle, we threw on our clothes, grabbed the backpack, and sprinted out of the hotel for 3 blocks. We found the group we were supposed to meet, then proceeded to stand there for an hour. . . Finally I walked over to a nearby hotel where the concierge called Wild Wicklow. Turns out their tour bus had broken down!

Danielle and I then high-tailed it back to our hotel, where our friendly concierge called around and got us booked on a separate tour of the Wicklow area, which picked us up in front of our hotel. It turned out to be a lucky twist of fate. The driver/tour guide for the new hotel was amazing, he was funny, clever, and entertaining, which was nice since the majority of the tour was in the bus.

We drove out to the Wicklow area, and the Glendalough, a 6th century monastic settlement, and a quick walk to two very peaceful lakes. The day was beautiful, overcast with the sun peeking through at various times, casting an almost mystical light over the forest. I kept expecting to see fairies, or a hobbit, at least. :)

After Glendalough, the tour went through the town of Avoca, home of the handweavers. That was a very interesting shop to go through, and watch the process of the handweavers making a blanket or scarf. Danielle and I ate lunch in a little fish and chips shop overlooking the river, which was beautiful as well. I know I keep using beautiful in my descriptions, but hopefully as you look at my pictures you see why.

We napped on the bus ride back to Dublin, then took off for dinner around 8:30 (one of the advantages of the late sunset). We walked the famous Temple Bar area, noticed quite a few hen parties, with the ladies all decked out in boas, wigs, wings, and other such accessories having a great time.

Dinner was at a magnificent little Italian restaurant, where I had my favorite meal, a glass of red wine and penne arrabiata.

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