Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Surprise Party!!!

As noted in a previous post, I completed the work towards my Master's Degree at the end of February. On Saturday, my friend Allen and I went golfing at Papago Public Golf Course. It was a gorgeous day for golf, 70 degrees, and I played well, considering I haven't played for 10 months or so. But back to the point. Allen hasn't been over for a while, so we were going to have a few friends over for dinner, but Becky texted me to say that the Alvars had plans, and it would just be us, and she had to run out to the store, so she wanted to make sure I had my key. So Allen and I get back to our house, I open the door, and there are about 15 people in the living room yelling "Surprise" I most certainly was!!!

It took a few minutes to even register what the surprise was for, take in the fact that there were people at my house, and the fact that I was standing there after walking 9 holes of golf so all sweaty, with my hair a mess while there was a party going on for me!!! It was a great party, a great surprise, and just goes to show how great my friends are!!

We capped off the evening by going to the Big Bang piano bar, as my sister Danielle just turned 21, then watching the Mojo Farmers play at the Loft in Tempe. It was a good show, and the second show with the new drummer Darin Lugar, who has so far been an awesome addition to the band.

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