Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mexico City

I studied in Mexico for 6 weeks one summer in college, so whenever I get a chance to go back, I jump at it. This trip is a work trip (I love this part of my job!!), and I'm traveling with Chase. So far we have had a very good trip (please refer to her blog for the beginning) and I have had plenty of opportunities to practice my rather rusty Spanish. To me, Mexico is a place that tears at my soul. There is so much history; the land is rich in culture, in people, in different environments and terrains, but it has more than its fair share of adversity, with corruption, pollution, and poverty always right in the way. But there is a beauty and strength here that is undeniable.

However, a 3 day business trip isn't much of a chance to explore the richer sides of Mexico, so here are a few pictures from the 5 block radius around my hotel, the Camino Real Santa Fe. This area is a business district, with plenty of high-rise office buildings, including the Ford Tower, Jose Cuervo Corporate offices, and many other corporations, both foreign and domestic.

And, something that has absolutely nothing to do with Mexican history or culture, a Starbucks cup from the local shop. (there are two within walking distance of my hotel). It is nice to know that almost wherever I travel, I can always be comforted with something from home, namely a non-fat no-whip, venti cafe mocha. . .

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