Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Formal Night

What little girl didn't have a trunk of hand me down dresses, or play costumes? Little girls all love to play dress up, and it's something we never really grow out of; the dresses and accessories just get more expensive. Formal night on the cruise is always fun, because it gives us a chance to put on our nicest dresses, get pictures taken, dance, and have fun. Before dinner there was a cocktail hour, with dancing, free cocktails, and plenty of settings to have professional pictures done. Here are some of the not-so-professional photos, taken by me and my companions.


Chase Acosta said...

Amber...does Michael know you are wearing that dress! Welcome to the blog world...it is addicting.

geroco said...

Don't let Chase kid you about that dress you look great. Hope you are having a fun time.

I love your blog so far. Welcome to the blog'o'sphere or whatever the kids are calling it. I agree with Chase it is very addicting.