Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Where Has All the Rum Gone??

Today was our first day on land. We arrived in Montego Bay, Jamaica at 8am local time (6am AZ time). Our shore excursion was a visit to the Appleton Rum Estate. For detailed info on the estate, please check out their website. I'd love to go into more detail, but it deserves better than a few lines in a blog.
It started to pour as we left, but luckily we were all safe inside the tour buss. Safe is an operative term given the road conditions and the nearness of the oncoming traffic. We got sideswiped on on blind corner, but luckily both vans were going slow, and no real damage was done.

The nice thing about the tour (other than the Rum!) was the chance to drive all over the island, and go through many of the small villages, see the landscape, and see how people live. There were some nice houses, some shanty villages, open air shops, roadside restaurants, people bathing and doing their washing in the rivers, a beautiful Sandals resort, basically all parts of the Spectrum. The scenery was gorgeous, of course being raised in the Sonoran Desert, I'm fascinated by anywhere GREEN, which can be seen in the hundreds of pictures I took. The water was also the bluest I've ever seen in person, and I took many pictures of that as well. I hope you enjoy the few of my favorites in the post!!


geroco said...

I love the water shot, the ocean is so blue there. Hopefully you will do some snorkeling.

Jill said...

Killer rain shot from the bus. Has verve.