Friday, March 12, 2010

Saturday in Colorado Springs-October 3rd 2009

Well, it's taken me several months, but I'm back to blogging, and picking up where I left off. Saturday morning after our late night at the Better than Ezra concert, Doug & I still managed to hit the trail early for hiking!

We went up to St. Mary's Waterfall, and having found that was a ridiculously short hike, scrambled our way to another trail.

Our ridiculously short hike soon became a 4 hour adventure, as we scurried along rocks, dropped cameras, and ate snacks. We did our best "Anchorman" poses, then set off for civilization.

We rounded out the afternoon by having pizza at Leon Gessi's, ice cream, then some rousing bouts of Guitar Hero with Doug's friends. I even got to meet Colorado Amber.

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