Monday, March 15, 2010

Howdy, Howdy, Howdy-Horseback Riding in COS 10/4/09

Having already had a fantastic dinner, attended a concert, hiking (legal and not so much), and a party, Doug & I were still up for more adventure when Sunday morning rolled around. We took to the road, and stopped at McDonalds so I could run in for a cup of coffee (Doug and his green tea-nice for the afternoon, but I need caffeine to wake up), and it was the world's slowest McDonalds. All I wanted was coffee!! I eventually got my steaming cup of morning goodness, and we trekked to the Stables at the Broadmoor.

 It was a quiet morning, just us and a a couple who arrived late. Doug & I were praised highly for being early enough to leisurely fill out our paperwork, and of course we got the best horses, Juliet & Cheese. Our tour guide Kenny asked if I had ever ridden a horse before, and I replied "not since I was 12" and he said, "So that would be a yes." He then asked Doug, who had been standing right next to me as I mounted my horse, if he had ever ridden a horse, and Doug replied, "not since I was a kid" The poor tour guide just shook his head and said, "so that would also be a 'yes'".

 He was an excellent guide, funny, knowledgeable, friendly, and extraordinarily helpful. He took pictures for  and of us. The views were absolutely breathtaking.

About 30 minutes into the ride, I had a saddle malfunction. I was sliding off the side of the horse, so I had to dismount and have Kenny re-adjust my saddle.

During the ride, I noticed that Juliet's ears seemed peculiar. I inquired to Kenny, and he explained that she had been born in the middle of a blizzard, and by the time they found her, she had frostbite in her ears, so she lost the tips. Poor thing! She is an excellent trail horse though, responsive, sure-footed, and calm.

The ride was about 3 hours, and I felt it towards the end. But it was worth the saddle soreness to be back on a horse (my first time since I was 12!!) and to be out on such a beautiful day and see a part of the trail not easily gotten to by foot.

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