Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sadie the Swimmer

Sadie, Matt & I's dog, loves to swim, so much so that a pool was a requirement when we bought our house in Tempe. As we were just sitting around being lazy this Sunday, and Sadie was getting antsy, I asked if she'd like to go swimming. Her response was to sprint to the back door and start barking like mad. a
Of course, she can't just jump in right away. First she has to run around the pool several times barking, winding up for the swim. And it is only 90 degrees outside, so it's not boiling hot. The pool is a bit cool for my taste, and at first I thought she wouldn't go in. But we just needed proper motivation.
Here she is, all excited because we brought out the soccer ball with rope attached. (Thank you Costco for the awesome dog toys). With that, she happily jumped in the pool to retrieve the toy and swim her heart out.

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Michael Oliver said...

What a cool toy! Found your blog as I was searching for a soccer ball rope toy. Do you know who makes the toy?