Saturday, September 18, 2010

Labor Day Pool Party 2010

Labor Day Pool Party 015

As is customary on a holiday weekend, I invited over our friends and family for a BBQ and pool party! We had a great turn out this year, with all my sisters and their significant others, my parents, The Alvars, The Kings, and my friend Josh. It was great to hang out, watch the kids play in the pool (Sammy, my goddaughter, even let me pull her around using only a noodle and she would kick-pretty good for only being 2!!).

Labor Day Pool Party 005

Hey, this doll is bigger than I am!!

Zander was as friendly as ever, his face lighting up when he caught sight of the other kids and rushing right over to Elizabeth when he walked in the door: "Hi, I'm Zander, what's your name? Are you here to be my friend? Come see my baby and my daddy!!" All in one breath; he's definitely not shy!

Hey, this doll is bigger than I am!!
My parents brought over the new puppy, so between Buddy the lab and Zoey the baby girl, there was plenty of cuteness.

Labor Day Pool Party 016

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