Sunday, August 30, 2009

Visiting Family in Craig, CO (July 25th&26th)

Every now and then my work schedule enables me to do some personal travel on the weekend leading up to my client visit. I flew into Grand Junction, CO on a Saturday morning, then drove up to Craig, CO to visit with my aunt and uncle and meet my cousins for the first time. Which wouldn't be such a big deal, but my youngest cousin turned 12 during my visit. Hmmm. Must make more time for family in the future. After I arrived in Craig we drove over to Steamboat to walk around, have dinner, and enjoy weather that isn't 117 degrees.

We went to dinner at a local steakhouse in Steamboat where they had an open grill for the patrons to cook their own steaks. It was quite tasty.

The next day Dave and  Krista took me on a stroll around Craig. There is a chainsaw art competition every year, and the entries are kept at the local park and around town. It's amazing the detail in these sculptures, considering a chainsaw is the tool.

Next we went to the Craig Museum, and met Clyde the Elk. I highly recommend this stop, as there is a lot of the history of the settling of the area, along with some very cool antiques.

Our last stop before I had to head back down to Grand Junction was the Nature Walk. Amazingly enough, my allergies didn't bug me at all, and it was nice to enjoy a brief walk with my family on a beautiful summer day.

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