Monday, April 27, 2009

Seattle Trip-April 2009

Matt & I went to Seattle for a long weekend to visit Pete & Jill (my uncle & aunt) and play tourist. Matt had never been to Seattle before, and we visited several places that were new to me as well. Our first day we arrived, then drove out to the Tulip Festival. Our timing was perfect, as it had still been freezing until the week before we arrived, so the flowers were freshly bloomed and the colors were amazing! We went back to see Pete & Jill's new house in Bothell, took a short nap, then had dinner at Red Hook and even got to see some live music and dancing!

The next day we got up and had breakfast at a bar in Seattle, drove out to the Sound, went to the Jimi Hendrix Music Experience and Science Fiction Museum, briefly walked through the overly crowded Pike's Place Market, toured the Seattle Aquarium, and had an amzing seafood dinner at Elliots. It was a great day.

The last day we visited Jimi Hendrix's grave on the way out to the Northwest Trek (as in Star Trek, as Matt so eloquently explained). They had quite the shrine, and I thought it was tastefully presented. The NW Trek was a lot of fun, after a tiny bit of drama when Jill realized she had left her professional camera at the Wendy's 45 minutes back. Luckily they had it, so she went for her camera while Pete walked with us. I really enjoyed the experience, with all of the animal exhibits, bears, beavers, moose, bison, and goats!

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