Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl XVIII: Cardinals vs. Steelers

After a long and stressful season, the Cardinals entered the playoffs as the No. 1 seed in the NFC West. Even at #1, they were not favored to win any of their matchups. Yet, in a nailbiter, they defeated the Atlanta Falcons. Hope began to appear on the horizon. The next week they dispatched Carolina, at Carolina, in bad weather. People in Phoenix could barely contain their excitement, yet we had so many reasons to doubt, and then, in the NFC Championship, the Cardinals dominated the Eagles. The town went crazy, people were in shock, waiting for ice to coat the I-10, the Cardinals were headed to the Superbowl, led by Larry Fitzgerald & co.

The Cardinals played a good game, but a few huge errors, and the Steelers' coverage of Larry Fitzgerald, lost us the game. But we made it there, and hopefully we will again next year!

There was a lone Steelers fan at the Super Bowl party. Luckily he left at halftime, so we didn't have to watch the celebration at the end of the game.

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