Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I spent 24 hours in Laughlin this Monday and Tuesday. Unfortunately, I was not able to snap any pictures; the security guards frown highly on cameras in the casino area. However, I did enjoy playing many different slot machines. I discovered Hot Hot Jackpot, which I won $90 on, and Monopoly, where I lost my $90. I was in Laughlin with my parents and some extended family, including two of my great-aunts, a great-uncle, my grandma, and my aunt and her boyfriend. We played BINGO, we bowled, we gambled.

I, unfortunately, decided to take the scenic route home from Laughlin. I completely missed the turnoff for Wickenburg from Kingman, so I ended up going home through Ash Fork. It wasn't a horrible detour. Traffic wasn't bad, the weather was nice, and I got to see more of Arizona. I did finally make it home safely, and am looking forward to my next trip this weekend to Colorado Springs!! I will have my camera on that trip, and plan on taking plenty of pictures for the blog. Until then. . . .

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